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PLUS ULTRA: beyond

In the sixteenth century, Charles I of Spain and V of Germany who was the first King of the Spanish Empire, used the motto plus ultra challenging merchants and sailors to cross the border that had been marked in Gibraltar based on Greek mythology through of the Columns of Hercules that indicated: "non terrae plus ultra" - there is no earth beyond. Carlos I encouraged in this way to leave in search of possibilities on the other side of the ocean. This mythological belief was eradicated after the crossing of the ocean and later discovery of the Americas in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.Plus Ultra, has been and is until our time, the motto of the Spanish nation. A boost to the challenge in search of new opportunities and possibilities on the other side of the Atlantic.

History of aviation

In July 2015, soon to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the takeoff of the Spanish Air Force seaplane that connected for the first time Europe with South America, Plus Ultra Ultra Airlines takes off. On January 22, 1926, the Plus Ultra took off from Palos de la Frontera, Huelva, and sank on February 10, 150 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. The Plus Ultra traveled 10,270 km. using 59 hours and 39 minutes. From the technical point of view, the flight was a resounding success. This feat that nobody had achieved, was a milestone for Spain and aviation.
King Alfonso XIII donated the Plus Ultra to the Argentine Navy where he served as a mail plane until he was removed from service. It is currently exhibited at the Enrique Udaondo Provincial Museum Complex in the city of Luján, Argentina, where it is preserved in perfect condition after being restored in 1992 at the CASA de Getafe factory, Madrid. Although a replica is exposed in the Air Museum of Madrid. Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas SA wants to be a benchmark of the aviation of our country and for that reason it decided to recover the name of the airplane with which history was made.


Plus Ultra has a solid foundation of principles both in the labor framework and in the services it provides, always emphasizing respect, fostering collaboration and teamwork in order to provide a service of excellence


Plus Ultra's mission is to make flying truly a pleasure, where paying less is not equivalent to lowering standards in service or comfort.


The vision of Plus Ultra Airlines is to achieve the loyalty of our clients through an excellent service in terms of security, attention, frequency and comfort. We want to be the best place of work desired. The kindness, support, companionship and teamwork will give place to dream not only to fly but to work with us so that others can fly and realize their dream.


Passenger Service: We are a single team, we focus on the attention of our clients, transmitting satisfaction for the work and for our company. We seek perfection in the smallest details and the greatest challenges.
Service: We are committed to provide our customers with an excellent service, with a high quality standard, always thinking about meeting the needs and meeting the expectations of our customers. A warm, personalized, responsible and reliable service whose improvement permanently guarantees the quality of our services.
Innovation: State-of-the-art products using the latest technology in the aeronautical industry, creatively generating new solutions that allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and anticipate the demands of our customers market.
Leadership: We seek to give our activity a common purpose and direction, training and motivating others to promote teamwork and implement best work practices.
Security. Comply with national and international air regulations for the transport of passengers and cargo, establishing and raising awareness among our staff to develop optimal working conditions, using adequate resources and equipment, to ensure safety and confidence in our services in air and land. Working with rigor taking care of our integrity.
Puntuality. Ensure that our team performs its functions properly, so that our operations are carried out in accordance with the provisions, complying effectively with the departure and arrival times of the flights we schedule.

Our commitment

Environmental management

We have a plan of corporate actions aimed at the care and preservation of the planet. Highlighting:
  • Reduce fuel consumption, noise and greenhouse emissions
  • The prevention of pollution, the prevention of environmental damage and the deterioration of workers' health.
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, regularly reviewing indicators based on performance, malfunction analysis or operationally undesirable results on senior management.
  • The monitoring of corrective actions and their effectiveness in improving operational performance, in processes and systems.
  • Compliance with national and international standards and regulations of commercial aviation, as well as with the Laws and
  • Current Occupational Health and Safety Agreements.
  • Provide the infrastructure and resources required and necessary to deliver a safe operation (Safety and Security), including support facilities in maintenance, operations, services, as well as the appropriate equipment for each area.
  • Promote environmental commitment to customers, suppliers and collaborators.

Business management

At Plus Ultra we are aware of the value of our company and the delivery of our shareholders. Therefore, Plus Ultra has a corporate corporate structure that focuses on defining and implementing responsible corporate policies and strategies based on an ethical code and values of the company that will govern the actions and results.
We want Plus Ultra to be recognized for its transparent and efficient management; commitment to customers, suppliers and workers; satisfactory results for our shareholders; responsibility and respect at an environmental, social and personal level.

Social commitment

Plan of action in favor of integration and with the aim of improving the living conditions of society.