Baggage of declared value

This type of baggage will be delivered on arrival personally and directly to the Passenger once they have delivered the corresponding baggage check.

The passenger who wishes to insure a baggage, making a declaration of special value on it, must present yourself in check-in well in advance to be able to carry out the following procedures:
  • You must proceed to open the baggage whose special value you wish to declare, in order to verify that the items to be assessed are in the baggage and in the amount that passenger indicates.
  • Proceed to the closing of the luggage with key, padlock, and / or combination lock in the presence of the employee of Plus Ultra.
  • The corresponding excess baggage ticket document will be issued.
Limits of the declaration: to accept this type of luggage, the valuation thereof must exceed the 1,131 special drawing rights (SDR) approximately the equivalent of 1,200 €. The maximum "value statement" per passenger can not exceed € 4000.
Charges: The percentage to be charged on the value declared by the passenger is 5 per thousand.
Transportation in connection with other companies: Baggage with declaration of value will not be accepted, unless the other companies give their agreement for it.