In order to avoid the interference that portable electronic devices can produce in aircraft systems, the following safety regulations are established for their use:

Electronic equipment

During runnings, takeoffs and landings, the use of any electromic devices are not allowed. After takeoff, the crew will inform when allowed electronic devices can be used., Devices with Wireless fuctions can be used only if these functions are disabled.

Allowed equipment

After takeoff, the crew will inform when it is possible to use the following electronic equipment:
  • Personal music and video players (MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, Ipod ) only with headphones.
  • Personal computers with Wireless functions deactivated.
  • Games and electronic toys without remote control (Nintento DS, PSP, etc)
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDA´s) with Wireless functions disabled.
  • Iphone, Blackberry, Smartphone and / or any cell phone that has the option to deactivate its Wireless functions. In some phones this option is called “flight safe”, “flight mode”, “safe mode” or “airplane mode” and must be activated during the whole flight. We remind you that it is forbidden to make calls and or send text messages.

Equipment not allowed

It is not possible to use the following equipment during the entire flight:
  • Remote control toys.
  • Cell phones with no options to deactivate their Wireless functions.
  • Any electronic equipment that has data transmission functions (WIFI. Bluetooth, telephone network etc) and that can not be disabled)
  • Electronic cigarettes of any brand, model or specification.
  • Radiofrequency transmiser devices (CB´S, HF, etc)
  • Laser printers or scanners.
  • Wireless computer mice.

Allowed without restrictions of use

  • Hearing aids
  • Pacemaker
  • Electronic watches