Recommendations before travelling

The best way to avoid inconveniences and setbacks is to prepare your trip in advance, that's why from Plus Ultra we give you the following recommendations before traveling:

When preparing the luggage:
  • We suggest the identification of your luggage with your personal information: name, address at destination, email, mobile phone number.
  • Carry medications, money, valuables and important travel documents in your carry-on baggage.
  • Inside the baggage, fragile items such as glass, ceramics or similar should not be transported, perishable items such as food or valuable items such as jewelry or money, according to international standards the airlines do not cover the incidents that occur in these effects due to loss or damage.
*IMPORTANT INFORMATION. For causes totally unrelated to Plus Ultra Airlines, it is recommended not to put padlocks on bags checked for Caracas. The Venezuelan authority reviews all the checked baggage, so it is quite likely that it will be opened and probably broken.


Among the recommendations, we suggest that before traveling each passenger should be informed of the documents that are needed to visit the country of destination. These documents vary according to origin, destination and dates, so it is advisable to check before traveling. It is also important that you check if you meet the medical requirements necessary to enter the country of destination. On the official IATA website you can consult by nationality data on documentation and vaccines necessary for your trip: IATA in Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Identify your luggage correctly
  • Take medicines, money, valuables and documentation with you.
  • Check which are the dangerous or prohibited objects