PLUS ULTRA offers a Wet Lease service for third parties, under which the aircraft is offered, the professional crew with extensive experience, quality maintenance and the corresponding insurance with its own AOC (Air Operator Certificate), approved by AESA in July 2015, with authorization to transport both passage and cargo in any destination in the world. Currently, Plus Ultra has 2 Airbus A340-300 aircraft.

Commercial airline

PLUS ULTRA will soon begin operating in the regular aviation passage area, with a program of long-haul routes. We want to create an airline where flying really became a pleasure, where paying less is not equivalent to lowering standards in service or comfort; we want an airline that is direct, honest and easy to use. We want an airline with friendly people and a one-to-one deal, modern airplanes, major airports and no delays. Offering the most competitive prices, since we are an airline with different management and the best technology. And to achieve this, we have assembled a team of top-level professionals with extensive experience in the air sector. In addition to our flight staff, to meet and exceed all expectations arising from this sector.


Plus Ultra ATO, is the specialized area of ​​Plus Ultra Airlines in the training of commercial pilots through the latest technologies in the market, a qualified, updated and experienced list of professional flight instructors and examiners. Plus Ultra has the relevant licenses recognized by AESA to carry out licensing courses for Airbus A340 aircraft. We offer quality theoretical and practical training under the supervision of expert instructors and examiners of Plus Ultra, as well as rigorous compliance with the standards and standards set.


A long experience in Commercial Aviation makes PLUS ULTRA the best advisor for the purchase of commercial aircraft. This process, technically complex, difficult and laborious, requires a deep knowledge of the sector and of The manufacturers. Our constant analysis of the market as well as international recognition and prestige that guarantee our equipment allow us to always offer you the most optimal and profitable solution. PLUS ULTRA, formed by a group of highly qualified experts, offers you the best solution to your needs, looking for the maximum benefit and the airplane model that best suits your needs. The specialization and high level of our professionals allows us to simplify the complexity of the process of purchase, offering comprehensive advice in all its phases: Analysis and evaluation of the equipment. Due Diligence and acquisition. Incorporation of the airplane. Beyond the selection and purchase of an airplane, PLUS ULTRA also offers its services if it decides to sell, rent or replace your plane later. Our company is able to obtain the best conditions of the market thanks to its continuous service of valuation of aircraft. Another aspect that only companies like ours can perform are audits in all fields. Plus Ultra has qualified personnel to carry out maintenance audits, management, marketing, systems. In today's commercialization, systems take on special relevance. After an analysis of the systems used, the countries where it operates and the sales channels are determined which or what systems suitable for proper marketing. If sales grow using Revenue Mangement techniques, prices grow and total income per rotation it grows. We can also apply improvements in all aspects of ground services at each airport that result in efficiency, and quickly translate into cost savings.