Passengers must not accept custody or transport of luggage belonging to other people.

To be accepted, the luggage must be in perfect condition with no breakages or damage, unless it is considered limited acceptance luggage.

In terms of content, weight, volume and outward appearance, baggage must be within the rules.

Among the items included in the luggage not accept those that are prohibited by the laws or regulations of the countries of origin, transit or destination.

It is compulsory to have identified both checked baggage and cabin baggage.

No Baggage Allowance

Articles that may damage or endanger the aircraft, persons or property on board.

Articles about their weight, size or nature are not suitable for transportation or are badly packaged.

Articles that are prohibited by the laws, regulations and orders of any state in both countries of origin and in the transit and destination.

The following items are considered dangerous and will never be accepted as baggage nor checked or hand:

  • Briefcases fitted with alarm devices.
  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks and flares.
  • Compressed Gasses.
  • Flammable liquids ( gas, bottles , paint, solvents ...
  • Flammable solids such as phosphorus, articles easy ignition or spontaneous combustion upon contact with water emit flammable gases.
  • Oxidizing materials, such as bleaching powder and peroxide.
  • Poisons and infectious substances / radioactive materials.
  • Corrosive materials, acids , alkalis and wet cell batteries.
  • Magnetized materials and other dangerous items listed in the Dangerous Goods Regulations IATA.

Limited acceptance luggage

Are those who, while being within standards to be accepted as checked baggage, present special conditions that will need to be charged with label limited acceptance:

  • Fragile, poor packaging, deteriorated.
  • Perishable.
  • Accepted after hours.
  • Not permitted in the cabin, for security or volume.
  • Unidentified.

They comply with certain rules, they will be accepted:

  • Some live like dogs , cats, household birds and other domestic animals that are accepted according to established norms animals.
  • Allowed only as checked baggage in the hold , properly packaged ammunition for weapons purposes and only with sports . Except incendiary or explosive projectiles.

Baggage identification:

According to IATA Resolution 741 is mandatory external identification of the luggage by the passenger:

  • Full name (must match the ticket).
  • Address and phone number.